The Team


Our highly skilled workforce of engineers and technicians – not to mention the tens of people behind the scenes in logistics, hospitality, marketing and PR – may call Dovenby Hall home, but have been hand-picked from around the globe as the best in their respective fields.


Responsible for the running of the entire team, our team principal, team manager and tyre specialist form the technical and logistical hub of the M-Sport World Rally Team. Devising the tactical approach taken by the team on each rally, these individuals assess everything from weather to changes in surface characteristics and car performance to determine the optimum strategy for each event.


Each of our Ford Fiesta RS WRCs have a designated engineer who works closely with their driver to find the optimum set-up and decipher what alterations need to be made to the car during each service. Crucial adjustments such as ride-height and damper settings – which play a vital role in how the car performs on the stages – are discussed to ensure the team gains maximum performance from each Fiesta on every event.


Our highly skilled technicians are the guys you’ll see working on the Ford Fiesta RS WRCs during service. Each car has four designated technicians – one for each corner of the car. Led by a number one mechanic, their job is to carry out a strict routine of checks and maintenance as provided by the engineer. Our technicians also carry out a thorough inspection of the suspension, dampers and other components during each service.

Engine engineers

Rarely seen without a laptop full of telemetry, our engine engineers perform thorough checks of all aspects of the engine – both on and off the stages – to ensure there are no visible signs or wear and tear throughout the rally.

Specialist technicians

Our specialist technicians oversee all aspects of the Ford Fiesta RS WRCs’ transmission system, hydraulics components and all other aspects of the sub-assembly on event. They ensure that when changes are needed, the team’s technicians have all the necessary parts on hand to guarantee they are fitted within the strict time limits permitted during service.

PR and Hospitality

Making our media and VIP guests feel at home in our state-of-the-art hospitality unit, our PR and Hospitality team work tirelessly throughout the day to best portray the team’s professionalism and welcoming attitude. Whether it be a cup of coffee or a press release, these girls are integral to the running of the team in both the private and public domain.


Constructing a service park is no mean feat, and these boys are amongst the best in the business. Our made-to-measure hospitality unit takes a full day to construct and provides a welcoming environment with floor to ceiling windows in full view of the service bays. If that weren’t enough, the set-up team is also responsible for assembling the service bays, technicians’ awning and ensuring the day-to-day running of the service park.