CARS S20001


The Ford Fiesta S2000 was M-Sport’s second global rally car. Working in tandem with Ford Motorsport’s technical team, the car was launched in 2010 and continues to claim rally victories and laurels around the globe.

Developed using all of the experience from the award-winning Ford Focus RS WRC, the Fiesta S2000 was always going to be a winner and this was made clear with victory for Mikko Hirvonen on its debut at the 2010 Rallye Monte-Carlo.

The suspension is based on the MacPherson strut system – a simpler system than that used on the Ford Focus RS WRC – but with the same Reiger shock absorbers. M-Sport selected Xtrac to supply the transmission system and the normally aspirated engine uses the same basic two-litre block and cylinder that was found in the Focus RS WRC.


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