Teemu Suninen (5th) said:

“I think it’s been a very good morning for us and the feeling is good. Driving this amazing car on these amazing stages – what can I say, it’s nice to be fast.

“I was a little disappointed with last night’s stage, but I started this morning ready for the fight and posted the fasted time on the first stage. I was definitely ready for it and I think the time showed that.

“The battle is really close with all the drivers so we need to continue our good work to be in a good position at the end of the rally. I’ve not made any mistake so far, but we know that just one mistake can cost you a lot of seconds here so we need to be smart.”

Elfyn Evans (8th) said:

“I’ve been struggling with understeer quite a lot throughout the morning. That’s hampered my confidence to carry speed – something that you really can’t do without if you want to deliver the top times here in Finland.

“We’ve tried a few things to improve the handling throughout this morning’s stages but nothing has really made any dramatic difference. We have some more options here in service so we’ll try a few more things and hopefully get a bit closer this afternoon.”

Ott Tänak (11th) said:

“The morning was pretty average with nothing too special so it was good to be in the lead. Then at the beginning of Jukojärvi [SS4] we ran slightly wide. There was a rock on the edge of the grass and we damaged the wheel.

“That gave us a puncture and a broken wheel. It felt like a broken driveshaft too but when we stopped and looked it was just a puncture. We lost a lot of time but we were still lucky not to suffer any big damage and carry on with some decent speed.

“The event is still quite long and anything can happen. We just need to keep showing good speed and see where we are at the end of each day.”