Sébastien Ogier (1st) said:

“It was very tough this morning, and not so enjoyable to drive when the conditions are like that. We had some moments and hit a bank which damaged the rim, but we survived it and I am sure that it was the same for everyone as there were a lot of lines everywhere.

“When you finish a stage like that [SS9] you have no idea if you have done a good time or a bad time. Luckily it was a good time and we’ve managed to increase our lead quite a lot, but there are still a lot of kilometres to go and in these conditions you can never relax.”

Bryan Bouffier (6th) said:

“For sure this is a typical Rallye Monte-Carlo with some really challenging conditions this morning. We’re being clever with the driving and keeping a good pace – and of course having a lot of fun with this car, even in these conditions.”

Elfyn Evans (7th) said:

“It’s been a really difficult morning and I think everyone had some form of moment in that first stage [SS9]. It was very tricky and I don’t suppose this afternoon is going to be any easier!

“It’s nice and sunny in service now, but it’s the weather in the mountains that we’re all monitoring. If the sun does break through, the conditions are going to improve very, very quickly. It’s going to be a tough call on the tyres for sure.”