Teemu Suninen (2nd) said:

“It has gone pretty well today and the car is working really well. We’re currently in second place and I would say that is very good with only Andreas [Mikkelsen] ahead. Pontus [Tidemand] is getting close, so we’ll need to deliver a strong day if we are to maintain this good position tomorrow.”

Pierre-Louis Loubet (5th) said:

“In the first stage this afternoon [SS5] I didn’t have such a good feeling and then in the second stage [SS6] on a fast section over a crest I got a slow puncture. Another puncture on the third stage [SS7] meant I had to do the last 30 kilometre stage with a tyre that was breaking up so it was very difficult and I had to be very careful.”

Éric Camilli (6th) said:

“We had a pretty good morning and this afternoon I wanted to push a bit more. But on the first stage this afternoon [SS5] we broke the rear anti roll bar and were losing about a second per kilometres after that. Then on SS6 we had a problem with the power-steering followed by a puncture around five kilometres from the end of the stage.

“Then to make matters worse, on the final road section we got another puncture and had to be really careful on the drive back to service with no spare!

“It wasn’t a good afternoon for us, but we need to put that behind us and focus on tomorrow which is a new day.”

Max Vatanen (8th) said:

“To be honest, I haven’t looked at any times today. This is our debut with the R5 so it was always the plan to take quite a steady start to the rally. The competition is pretty intense, so we’ve just been focusing on our own rally and on keeping clear of trouble – which I think we’ve done well. Now we have the kilometres under our belt, we can start tomorrow with more confidence.”

Gus Greensmith (11th) said:

“It’s been a tricky but positive day. We’ve had some problems but the times have been good and the effort that we put into our preparation has paid off because we have made a big step in my pace compared to my previous events. I am comfortably driving – making no mistakes – and we’re a lot closer to Eric and Teemu which is good to see.

“We had a problem with a broken propshaft on SS4 – which cost us close to seven minutes – but we were able to make the end of the stage which is the main thing. Then on SS5 I changed a pacenote to 'don’t cut' after the first pass which meant I ran slightly wide and picked up a slow puncture. This meant that I didn’t have another spare tyre so I had to be a little bit careful on the next couple of stages to make sure we made it back safely.

“Overall it has been a good day with good improvements”

Pedro Heller (12th) said:

“We were struggling to get the best set-up for the conditions, but we are here and that is the main thing at a rally like this! The broke the handbrake cylinder on SS4 and the second loop was really rough with a lot of rocks appearing in the middle of the road. We had a puncture on SS5 and we lost a lot of time there, but we are learning and we are happy.”