Pierre-Louis Loubet (3rd RC2) said:

“We are happy with a good day today. We’ve had no problems and set some good times so that has been cool. The conditions were really difficult, but we managed well and we’re looking forward to tomorrow.”

Éric Camilli (4th RC2) said:

“It’s not been such a bad day. We lost some time this morning with the wrong set-up and also seeing Osian’s big crash was not the best for our confidence which is something you really need here. I don’t like these conditions, so hopefully tomorrow it will be a bit drier.”

Pedro Heller (12th RC2 / 10th WRC 2) said:

“We had a very good morning – fighting in the top-four which is very good for us and a very big step when compared to our other rallies. But we lost a lot of confidence when we hit a bail on the last stage of the morning (SS5). We lost a lot of time and the possibility to stay in the top-four. Even with that we have achieved our goals and are happy to be here.”



Osian Pryce:

Osian Pryce suffered a heavy roll after sliding off-line and impacting with a bank on SS2. With damage to the rollcage, the Welshman will not restart Rally Poland.

Gus Greensmith:

Gus Greensmith was enjoying a competitive rally – running as high as second overall in WRC 2 – before breaking the steering on SS8 and being forced to retire for the day. He will restart under Rally 2 regulations tomorrow.