Gus Greensmith:

Gus Greensmith delivered an impressive performance yesterday – leading the WRC 2 category with over half a minute in hand. But the Brit ran out of luck today.

With just one spare tyre for the morning loop, he picked up a rear-left puncture on the opening test of the day (SS10). A second damaged tyre later in the same stage meant that a cautious approach was needed for the remainder of the loop.

A strong start to the afternoon saw Greensmith take back some time and a return to the podium looked possible before a steering arm failure on the road section between SS14 and SS15. With no option but to retire for the day, it was a bitter blow considering his earlier position.

Greensmith will re-start the final day under Rally 2 regulations tomorrow.

Pedro Heller:

Pedro Heller held an impressive fourth place in the WRC 2 category yesterday evening, but the Chilean suffered a puncture four kilometres from the end of SS11 and further misfortune was to follow.

Avoiding a large rock in the line on the final stage of the day (SS14), he was forced onto the loose gravel and slid off the road in a light roll.

Once the car was pulled back onto the stage, Heller drove it back to service and will restart under Rally 2 regulations tomorrow.

Nil Solans:

Suffering a puncture which bent the wheel of his Fiesta on the final stage of the day (SS14), Nil Solans struggled to remove the broken wheel. Dropping more time than the penalty for Rally 2, he opted to limit the time loss by retiring for the day and will restart under the aforementioned regulations tomorrow.