M-Sport will field two EcoBoost-powered Ford Fiesta R5s at next week’s Tour de Corse – for Nil Solans who will contest his second event in the WRC 2 category, and for Gus Greensmith who will contest the event as Non Priority.

Nil Solans (WRC 2) said:

“I really love rallying on asphalt, and the challenging roads in Corsica make this a really fun event to drive. We started our season at this event last year, and secured one of our best Junior WRC victories. That was definitely a high-point, but for sure it will be difficult to replicate it in WRC 2 this year.

“This will be our first asphalt event with the Fiesta R5 and also with these DMACK tyres. There will be many new things to learn, but we hope to make some good progress throughout the event.

“The long stages here are the main challenge, and sometimes it can be difficult to maintain the same speed throughout the whole stage. We’ll have to focus really hard on that, and hopefully we can come away with some more good memories of the Tour de Corse.”

Gus Greensmith (Non Priority) said:

“I’m not competing in WRC 2 at this event, but using it as a test and a bit of a learning experience as I felt we had some things to improve on this surface. I did the recce for the Tour de Corse last year and remember being so frustrated having to go home before the start. It’s a one-of-a-kind event, and I feel very lucky to have the chance to compete here.

“The stages are very long and made up of a continuous ribbon of corners. A lot of these corners can be quite deceptive, so I’ve been watching a lot of video footage to get a feel for these as well as the many changes in rhythm.

“I’ve not driven on the absolute ragged edge since Finland last year. Since then, I’ve been focused on solid finishes and have almost lost the confidence to go flat out. I understand that points make prizes, but it’s not the way I like to drive so we’ll push on in Corsica to see if we can regain that rhythm.”