Gus Greensmith (2nd WRC 2) said:

“It’s been good fun out there, but rough – much rougher than I expected to be fair. I’d set the car up for smoother roads like what we experienced on the test, so it was a bit of a surprise this morning. I took it easy through the first loop and I think that was the right call as the rate of attrition was incredibly high.

“We’re up to second which is a good start, and our aim for the rally before coming here. We’ve just been doing our own thing and we’re in a comfortable position now – where we can focus on getting what we set out to achieve with some good points on the board.”

Pedro Heller (3rd WRC 2) said:

“It’s really nice to be back here in the FIA World Rally Championship. We had a goal to complete all of the kilometres this weekend and so far so good. We have the confidence with the pacenotes from last year and things are going well. The aim will be to continue like this through the remainder of the event.”

Marco Bulacia (4th WRC 2) said:

“Right now I am very tired, but very happy that we got to the end of a very difficult day. We were able to manage some water temperature issues and tomorrow is another day where we have to continue what we started today.”

Nil Solans (Rally 2) said:

“We got a low water pressure alarm on the dash, followed by some electrical issues and in the end we had to switch off the car. We then lost all the water from the radiator and were forced to stop. Luckily the engine was not damaged and we will try to get as much experience as possible tomorrow.”