Gus Greensmith (3rd WRC 2) said:

“Without a test we’ve been trying some new things and learning as we go. It’s not always worked, but generally we’ve been improving and we made a big step forward today in terms of speed. There are still some things that we need to improve, but we knew that before we came here.

“There have been no mistakes and I’m happy with third place – but Sunday’s stages will be by far the most challenging of the weekend. I think Mina Clavero is the trickiest stage I have ever seen! Hopefully we can get through that, bring home another podium, and pick things up again in Portugal.”

Pedro Heller (4th WRC 2) said:

“It’s been a long day with some really rough stages. We’re happy to be here – completing all of the kilometres with good pace. Compared to the other South Americans the pace is really good but we know that there is still some work to do to catch the others. Maybe we need to push more, but tomorrow is a short day that we plan to enjoy alongside all of the spectators on El Condor.”