Éric Camilli (1st WRC 2) said:

“We were enjoying a really exciting and intense fight with Jan [Kopecky] but he picked up a puncture in Panzerplatte. Of course I’m happy to be in the lead, and I’ve been really pleased with our performance, but I was also really enjoying the fight.

“The team have done an incredible job all weekend so a massive thanks to them. We now have more than a minute’s lead and I hope that we can bring this good result home for them tomorrow.”

Gus Greensmith (4th WRC 2) said:

“It’s been a tricky day but we’ve made progress as the day went on. I’m quite happy with the times – especially the second pass of Panzerplatte when we had a spin and were still only 10 seconds away from Éric.

“We’re making some improvements but there just seems to be a little bit to find on every corner. It feels a little disappointing that we’re not close enough right now, but we’re still learning and I’m sure we’ll get it nailed next time out on Tarmac.”

Teemu Suninen (6th WRC 2) said:

“Today has been really difficult – especially the first pass of Panzerplatte when there was a lot going on and not the easiest of stages for me. The second pass was a big improvement and we were very close to the top times even with a puncture. I think I can be happy with my driving in the afternoon when we had a clean run without mistakes.”

Pierre-Louis Loubet (8th WRC 2) said:

“It’s not been a bad day for us but we got a puncture on the first pass of Panzerplatte which cost us two minutes and any chance of a strong result. We still look a lot of pleasure from the stages and the car was perfect so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Jon Armstrong (15th WRC 2) said:

“We’re getting used to it a bit more now. Yesterday was our first day in an R5 car and it was a bit tricky to get around the tight corners as we were just getting a bit bogged down. It took us a while to get used to it, but I think we’re getting the technique right now.

“The times today have been pretty good and it’s good to see that we’re getting quicker and quicker. We’re enjoying it which is the main thing, but it was a shame about yesterday. We just needed to move on from that and make the best of it. We’re not too far away and I’m happy with the progress we’ve made so far.”