Éric Camilli (3rd RC2) said:

“I think it was a strong day for us – any day that I can do a good time on a Super Special is a good day! We set two fastest times and were able to be competitive. We just had a puncture on the first pass through Goldap (SS13) which lost us some time, but we were pushing hard and a lot of people had punctures today.”

Pierre-Louis Loubet (9th RC2) said:

“It’s been a tricky day! This morning I made a mistake on SS12 and damaged the rear wheel. I finished the loop like this but lost nine or ten minutes.

“Then in the afternoon we had a puncture at the end of the first stage (SS15). We then had two clean stages, but I had another puncture on the road section and had to do the 40 kilometres liaison – as well as the Super Special – with a punctured tyre.

“Tomorrow I just want to do my best and take pleasure from these fast stages so we can be prepared and focused for the next event.”

Gus Greensmith (11th RC2) said:

“It’s been a good day. Yesterday wasn’t ideal, so we came back today with the approach firmly fixed on learning. We were driving at about 70 percent this morning – nothing special and just keeping it comfortable to check the notes and learn the stages.

“In the afternoon we did the first two stages with the same mind set, but I was getting a bit bored to be honest so we decided to go for a big push through Goldap (SS17) which is a stage that I really like. We were absolutely on it and set another fastest time which was good.

“We know that we can be on the pace when we need to be, but today wasn’t the day to be pushing hard – it was just important to get the experience so that I can enjoy every stage flat-out next year.”



Pedro Heller said:

Pedro Heller sustained rear-left damage to his Ford Fiesta R5 on SS15 and was forced to retire for the day. He will restart under Rally 2 regulations tomorrow.