Éric Camilli (1st in class) said:

“It was a clean run for us and we are happy to still be in the lead at the end of the day. The car has been working really well, but without a test on Tarmac it is difficult to be as efficient as I would like. Luckily we made the difference on the gravel so today has mainly just been focused on being clean and getting the job done.”

Teemu Suninen (1st WRC 2 / 2nd in class) said:

“Generally the day has been really good for us and we’ve shown good pace throughout. In the morning I was struggling a bit with the rhythm, but it was the first Tarmac stage after the gravel and we were still able to set the second fastest time.

“There are still some areas for me to improve and I wasn’t so happy with the super special stage where I lost quite a few seconds to Éric. In those areas I need to improve my driving but generally I think this has been one of my best days on Tarmac.”

Pierre-Louis Loubet (5th in class) said:

“It was a good day for us. Our pace was not so bad but we still have some improvements to do to get closer to Éric and Teemu. That’s what we plan to do tomorrow, but today has been good.”

Jon Armstrong (9th WRC 2 / 13th in class) said:

“Our day has not been too bad and we’ve had pretty good pace in the car. We had a spin on the first stage [SS7] which was my own fault and then we had a big impact on the second stage and had to re-set the power steering but apart from that it has been pretty good.

“We’ve been pushing hard and really enjoying the stages. The times aren’t quite there yet, but we just have to study a bit harder and see where we can improve for the future. From a driving point of view it’s all been going well I am quite happy.”

Gus Greensmith (12th WRC 2 / 18th in class) said:

“A learning day is the best way to describe today. After yesterday my confidence was pretty dented so I just wanted to spend today getting used to it.

“On the first stage we hit a big downpour of rain which certainly woke us up a little – but apart from that I have just taken it one small step at a time – driving at 70 percent with plenty of margin and not doing anything silly.

“It is a little bit frustrating as I would like to go a bit quicker, but I don’t think I am quite ready for that just yet. I still need a little bit more time in the car to be able to do that consistently.”