Gus Greensmith said:

“It’s generally been a much better day for us. We didn’t get off to the best of starts, but the second stage was a little bit better and we decided to have a bit of a push on the third one. It was going well until we came to a corner that I had marked as dirty – but when we got there it was pure gravel and we had a spin. Somehow some metal had also got wrapped around the calliper so we had to stop and take the wheel off before carrying on.

“After service we had a reset and went out focused on making some improvements. On the first stage we halved the gap to the leaders which was great, and the stage after that was even better. The last stage was all about the chassis which really suits the Fiesta and we had some really good splits at the beginning of that one, but at the end we didn’t have the right springs for the gravel. All in all it was a lot better this afternoon and I feel a lot happier at the end of today.”

Nil Solans said:

“Having only done 20 kilometres yesterday we had many new things to learn today. It was difficult, but we worked with the engineer to try a few different things with the set-up – and learnt a lot about our pacenotes and driving lines with the R5 on Tarmac.”