M-Sport are proud to announce a collaboration with Panta Racing Fuel for the 2018 FIA Junior World Rally Championship.

The Italian fuel giant will become an official partner of the one-make Ford Fiesta R2 feeder series – working in unison with M-Sport to discover the next generation of FIA World Rally Champions.

A member of the Mol Group Italy, Panta Racing Fuel was created in 1989 and has consistently enhanced their products through the key philosophy of persistent research and development.

Supplying prestigious championships, teams and drivers, the company has grown into one of the leading competition fuels – guaranteeing excellent quality and performance at every level.

Partnering with M-Sport and the Junior WRC, Panta Racing Fuel will support rallying’s future stars – all the way to the top.

Head of Panta Racing Fuel, Luca Monico, said:

“We started our presence in motorsport in the late 1980s and have since become the official fuel supplier of several championships throughout the world.

“We have seen several drivers start their career at the Junior level to become some of the most important and famous drivers in motorsport.

“We believe in motorsport, and this is the reason why we are very happy to start our partnership with M-Sport and the Junior WRC – the starting point for drivers to become the stars of the future.”

Junior WRC Manager, Maciej Woda, said:

“We are very pleased to start this partnership with Panta which just goes to show what an important and respected series the Junior WRC is.

“We are looking to refresh the format of the Junior WRC next year and having Panta on board will help us provide an attractive package with the cars performing at their highest level.”