Ford Motorcraft FST champion wins Finnish title

There were many happy Ford Fiesta R2 drivers when the Finnish Rally Championship came to a close in Lempäälä near Tampere last weekend. The final event used the fast and famous stages of the 1000 Lakes Rallies from the 80´s.

Miika Hokkanen has led the Ford Motorcraft FST series all season and had already won the FST title at the previous round. In Lempäälä, he collected another class victory and also second place in the Finnish 2WD Championship class.

This second place was enough for Hokkanen and co-driver Jukka Pasenius to also secure the Finnish 2WD Title, and the 21-year-old from Lahti was very happy with the result.

“We realized that we have to finish in the top-three to clinch the Finnish title. The beginning of the rally was difficult, and we were in seventh place after SS3. But the latter part of the rally went much better and our speed was good enough for the podium. This was a great season.”

Niko Mäkinen finished second in class to take a solid second place in the Ford Motorcraft FST standings.

Jani Luhtaniemi drove his first event with Fiesta R2T EcoBoost model. With the new car his speed was more competitive and he finished in a fine third place ahead of Patric Öhman and Markus Manninen.

Ford Motorcraft FST points after 7/7 round:

1. Miika Hokkanen 99
2. Niko Mäkinen 66
3. Jani Luhtaniemi 60
4. Patric Öhman 29
5. Samuli Vuorisalo 27
6. Henrik Pietarinen 25
7. Anssi Valkonen 23
8. Markus Manninen 20
9. Teemu Kiiski 17
10. Tom Hanle 5